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The changing face of WIFI

For many businesses, providing commercial WIFI  has largely been a response to guests expecting or even demanding connectivity. Today, most cafes, hotels and shopping centres provide WIFI to their customers and we are seeing an ever widening circle of businesses setting up WIFI to provide a service to their customers. Restaurants, car wash centres and general retail are joining the trend of providing WIFI.

Until now,  improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and return visits were the main reasons that businesses would provide this service. This is all changing and WIFI can now deliver so much more to businesses. Here are just a few examples of the changing face of WIFI:

Building Communities

As part of the login process, customers can be asked to provide their first name and email address in return for ‘free’ access. With this information, the business can start building their own customer community. While simple newsletters and promotions can be sent to these customers, businesses can take it much further. For example – proactive loyalty campaigns.

Delion’s systems provide the business with information like how often the customer has visited the business and when. Smart businesses can then proactively reward loyalty rather than waiting for a customer to pull out their ‘loyalty’ card. You can send messages to your loyal customers and both thank them and reward them for their patronage. Most businesses realise that loyal customers are the ones who are often the biggest recommenders for any business so it is crucial to keep these customers happy and motivated. It also costs less to retain loyal customers than to acquire new ones.

Tracking and Behaviours

WIFI systems can now track the physical movement of customers in the business. This means for businesses like hotels you can understand your guests behaviours. Who likes to go to the gym? or the hotel restaurant? and how much time are they spending there. Tracking can extend to every part of the hotel and the information that can be derived can result in huge changes.

Not only in terms of operational efficiencies to know when staff are most needed or how often areas need to be cleaned, but to really understand who your customers are and how to promote the services that you already know they demand. For shopping centres this tracking can be taken to another level. Being able to understand what the customers are interested in, which shops they are visiting, enables the centre to develop the right tenancy mix through to knowing which promotions will work at different times of the day.

WIFI has really become a window to deliver information and services. One of the biggest challenges for any business is promoting the services that it provides for its guests. Whether this be a café that wants to promote that it also sells coffee beans through to hotels that want to promote airport shuttles. After a customer logs in to the WIFI, they can automatically be pushed to a new webpage which can promote these services.

A great example of this is the hotel compendium. We all know about this ‘folder’ that usually sits on a desk in your hotel room and lists all of the services the hotel provides from room service to a massage. Now you can put this compendium directly into peoples hands through their own smartphone. Instead of having to go back to your room to check a service, the guest can access all of the hotel services at the tip of their fingers. Whether it be to check weather, get directions or to order a shuttle, its simply a click away.

WIFI can deliver all of these services today aswell as a comprehensive database on each guest being developed. Know who your customers are, what they want and how they behave. Translate this into community building, recommendation engines and promotions that you know are going to be of interest to each customer. Take it to the next level!

To learn more about how WIFI can help you learn about your customers, click here. Or speak to the team at Delion today to discuss your individual WIFI needs on 1300 576 369.

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Rob Fleischer