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How to make money from a commercial Wifi service

Starting a business using the free WIFI provided by various shopping malls, coffee shops, etc. has become fairly easy in today’s fast-growing and technologically advanced society. The cost of buying the equipment and knowledge required to start such a business is becoming increasingly affordable. It also has the added benefit of turning a profit instantly.

The first thing to start up your very own wifi hotspot business is a solid internet connection. This connection needs to allow for resale; hence, it must be a business connection, fast and with an unlimited download allowance. This will allow you to charge for your wifi connection.

The ISP you choose should be based on its speed, cost, and standard. As your internet provider will support your WIFI hotspot, aim to choose the best possible one.

Basic hotspot equipment requires:

  • An Internet Connection,
  • A server computer that controls the wireless laptops of the customers,
  • An access point or router.

When starting such a business, your aim is to provide coverage to the widest area that is possible, and it is for this reason that your equipment should be positioned in such a way as to maintain the biggest radial coverage that is possible. Indoors, placing your router on a wall or ceiling would probably serve the best position.

You will make money each and every time a customer connects to your internet connection. Once they connect, you can charge them for connecting to your wifi. The customer will connect to your Access Point and will then proceed to type in a URL. Rather than being directed to the page they are searching for, the customer will be redirected to your business’s login page. This is where the internet user would have to choose from different predetermined plans in order to gain internet access. Once the customer has obtained the login and password, redirection to the original URL search will commence. The customer will have gained access to your internet connection. It is up to you whether you want the customer to pay in your office, the coffee shop you have set up in, through credit card, etc.

A plus side of such a business is that some Internet providers can allow for up to 50 different connection sharers, and this means that you can gain a stable income after starting up a wifi hotspot connection. This is one of the many advantages of starting up such a business. Another major advantage is that you will not require that much technical knowledge or ability to provide customers with a stable internet connection. In cases where you make use of a coffee shop or public WIFI point where you are allowed to set up such equipment, your internet connection will be coming to you for free, and all you will need to invest is in the other equipment that is required.

Therefore a WIFI hotspot connection provider for people coming into public places may serve as the perfect way to make money.  You don’t even have to work too hard or making a large investment. It’s simply a matter of setting up.

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Rob Fleischer