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Delion WIFI Hotpots - Customer Information

Top 3 tips on collecting customer information

We all know collecting customer information is extremely valuable. Once you have a customer through the door, you want to ensure you capture their marketing information to make use of it later. Here are the top 3 tips to capture these customers and make the best use of the data captured:

1.Good user experience: Make sure that the customer has a good first experience and that the sign-up process is clear and inviting for the customer. Don’t make it hard for them. Only ask for necessary information when capturing their details. When a customer is new to your database ensure that they get a welcome email 24 hours following the visit. This could even include an offer to drive a return to your business.

2. Data Storage: Store the data transactionally by individual, in addition to storing the connection date & time and disconnection date & time. This will give you very valuable information. Including demographics, who your loyal users are, average usage length and when the WIFI is most used. With this information you can build a profile of your customer base which is essential in understanding their behaviour and motivations.

3. Segmentation: In addition to segmenting the customer by day, time, session – you can also segment by by key date e.g. Valentine’s Day, NYE, Bank Holidays and sports events. These seasonal events could also be used for push notifications or email specials correlating to these special days, if applicable to your business.

Once you have captured this customer information, it’s important to of course use it and not let it lie dormant. Use it for customer insights and to strategise future marketing plans.

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Rob Fleischer