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Benefits of offering free WIFI

Today, people are making more use of the internet while on the go and therefore, they expect to access the WiFi hotspots while they are on the move. The business houses of today are rushing to meet the demand of offering free WiFi to the customers. If you have a physical business space, offering free WiFi to your customers can provide you a series of advantages. These include:

More time spent on premises – Customers are bound to stay longer if they can remain connected. As many as 62 percent of businesses pointed out that the customers spend more time in their facility or shop if WiFi access is offered.  Around 50 percent of customers spend more money as well.

No doubt, the goal of each business house is different when it comes to offering free WiFi to the customers. While some do it to offer better customer service, others do it to attract more customers. Some also deploy free WiFi to get the customers spend more.

Increased Food Traffic – Today most people use GPS and the social mapping services like Google Maps, Yelp and Foursquare to find businesses. At times, they also search for specific amenities like free WiFi.

Offering fast and free WiFi can put your business on the map for individuals who may not notice you otherwise.

Can attract new customers – Sitting alone in a café or a restaurant can be quite awkward. According to a survey, 53 percent of people are happy to sit alone in restaurants and cafes if WiFi is available. Free WiFi access helps to connect with friends removing the stigma of sitting alone.

Meets customer expectations – The consumers are slowly getting accustomed to free WiFi access and this is creating an expectation for free WiFi availability. Free WiFi is now presently available in various public places. The businesses that do not offer free WiFi should embrace this trend, allowing the customers to remain connected to the online world. One in 10 people leaves the venue in the absence of free WiFi access.

Helps differentiate business of competitors – Quality and price were two traditional ways that helped businesses to differentiate themselves. Technology is forcing businesses to think again of this approach – we live in the age of smartphones. Providing free WiFi can provide a significant advantage over others. Some people select venues based upon availability of free WiFi. Therefore your business is bound to have an advantage over your competitors if they do not offer free WiFi.

Improved Search Engine Ranking – Google is not just favouring the mobile friendly websites, but they are also starting to index content from the iOS apps. This means that the Google searches made on iPhone and iPad will search not just the internet but the device apps too. If your business is listed on a few apps, the search profile is bound to be raised. Making it significantly more likely to show up in the search results and get clicked by the customers.

Enhanced Customer Tracking – Offering free WiFi does not just benefit the customers it can benefit you aswell. If you can control the network connection, you can set your website as the homepage, capture customer data and target ads directly to devices. This will help the customers to be aware of add-ons, specials as well as other services on offer.

So judging by the benefits, I don’t think that you will want to stop offering free WiFi to your customers. The availability of WiFi is no longer an innovation that is limited to the bigger retail chains. Today, even the small businesses are offering this service in their establishment, for both the customers as well as employees. Learn more about free WIFI as a data capture tactic.

If you’re a start up learn more about why you should offer free WIFI to customers

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Rob Fleischer