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The benefits of a guest WIFI network for business

It’s no secret that you can’t beat the convenience of a wireless network.  Small business owner’s should also consider creating a WIFI guest network. A guest network uses a different SSID from the wireless network that you and your employees access. It’s designed specifically to provide customers with internet access while keeping your main WIFI network separate and secure.

Key reasons why you may want to consider adding a guest network for your business.

1. Improve security and privacy

The primary benefit of deploying a guest network is the increased security it offers. By separating the network in this manner, you can control who has access to your company’s network of computers, servers, storage appliances, printers. This is vital since sophisticated users can use a visitors’ laptop or mobile device as a launch pad to probe or attack machines on your network.

2. Increased convenience

While the security of a wireless transmission is primarily related to the type of encryption algorithm used, the length and complexity of the password is another key influencer.  Ideally an 8-10 character code is recommended. For optimum security, change the passphrase for the guest network regularly and print the latest code on slips of paper, hand them out to your customers as needed.

3. Control network usage

A guest WIFI network also lets you limit the Internet resources available to customers. Instead of allocating guests the same priority in bandwidth, it makes sense to restrict the guest network to a speed that offers reasonable access without affecting the network performance available to your employees.

Other considerations may be setting time limits, data limits, speed limits and even different settings at different times of the day or even offering different levels of WIFi based on how much people spend.

To find out more on how Delion can assist with your specific WIFI network needs contact us today.

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Rob Fleischer