Delion announced Winner of HotelsWorld Best Idea 2016 - Delion.
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Delion announced Winner of HotelsWorld Best Idea 2016

We couldn’t be prouder to announce that our very own Delion won the 2016 Award for Best Idea at the HotelsWorld MegaMeet in Sydney!

Here is our very own Rob Fleischer accepting the award. Well done Rob!

Idea Award - Rob Fleischer

Held in Sydney over 3 days in July 2016, Hotels MegaMeet comprised a suite of 5 co-located events for senior industry executives, investors, lenders, suppliers and professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The events, led by HotelsWorld Australia New Zealand, are the region’s leading industry conferences for CEO’s and other C-level executives. The meet is aimed at providing delegates with insight, ideas and networking, within an efficiently scheduled “all industry” gathering during the same week.

Topics covered across the 5 events ranged from investment, finance and legal issues, through to development, ownership, technology, management and operational issues.

So what exactly was Delion’s Big Idea? Big Data + WIFI for hotels. View the video here. 

What can Big Data + WIFI do for your hotel? Well the answer is….lots! Here are 5 ways you can get your WIFI hotspot working for you:

  1. Capture Subscribers – capture an email address from every single person that uses your hotel WIFI.
  2. Learn about your guests – Gain demographic information from guests and visitors simply by categorising their activity on your WIFI service.
  3. Staff Operations and Monitoring – Monitor staff movement around the hotel to see how long it takes to complete tasks.
  4. Replace your outdated compendium – Perhaps with a digital version tailored specifically to your guests needs.
  5. Monetise your network – Set user restrictions and much more.

Sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it? We thought so!

If you’d like to learn more about you can get the most out of Big Data + WIFI  for your hotel, contact the team at Delion or call 1300 576 369.

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Rob Fleischer