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How your WIFI can help you learn about your customers

With customers being hungry to be connected at all times – WIFI experience has to keep up. Offering a great WIFI service can actually mean a marketing advantage. Customer experience can be enhanced if the connection is seamless and browsing speed is good.

In the initial WIFI connection, there is the opportunity to collect customer information and entice the customer to opt-in to your email mailing list. Building this email list allows you to create a sense of community and build a marketing database. Keep the fields simple and short – first name, surname, phone and email. The less the customer has to enter, the better. 4 fields is recommended. Make sure to add a pre ticked box to allow for email and SMS marketing. It would be great to highlight the benefits of the user joining your mailing list. To find out more information on simple ways to grow your email database click here.

You’ll want to ensure that you are getting real email addresses. Recommended to send an email address to user’s email to verify it is infact a real email address. This step will equal a database of good quality email addresses so you won’t have to clean it up down the track.

Once a customer has registered with you it opens up a wide variety of data opportunities. These include the date and time of visit, the length of time online and device type. From this you can deduce the day of week, the session, the total visits over time and visit frequency, all of which give you a wealth of useable marketing and customer insight when added to your marketing mix.

An example of how data can be used. A cafe with over 20 locations around Australia in the month of December, had over 100,000 sessions during the month by 48,000 individuals. These individuals were able to be segmented by date and time of visit. This allowed the business to target these customers with specific broadcast messages. This also allowed them to track the customer journey leading to the visit.

Whilst this is merely one example, you can see the value of building your customer base and the power of customer data. WIFI interaction is a very useful tool for your business. From your customer allowing you to create links back to any marketing efforts.

To learn more about benefits of a guest WIFI for business click here.

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Rob Fleischer