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Delion WIFI Hotspots - healthcare

Wifi in the Healthcare industry

WIFI can deliver enormous benefits to the Healthcare industry. With WIFI’s ability to track movement and behaviour, it’s revolutionising technology within the aged care and healthcare industries. This is done by providing patients or the elderly with a simple wristband with an embedded WIFI tag. Benefits of using this tag include:

Perimeter Alerts

Particularly useful for alzheimer patients. The system can be configured so that if a patient walks outside a defined perimeter of a facility, an alarm will sound for security or administrative staff.

Behaviour Alerts

Patients often exhibit unusual behaviours prior to a medical event. Behaviours such as lack of appetite through to varying toilet patterns can be precursors to medical conditions. Systems now exist that establish a typical behaviour pattern for patients and in the event that these patterns move outside predetermined behaviours medical staff can be alerted to potential risks.

These are just a few key ways WIFI has benefited the Healthcare industry, to learn more click here.

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Rob Fleischer