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WiFi to track retail performance

Retailers know the sales, specials and stock they place in their shopfronts are directly related to how many people walk into their store. This utlimately translates into sales. Until now, this has been hard to properly assess. The number of people that walk into a shop is directly related to how many people are walking past the shop. An easy way to understand this is to imagine a windy and rainy day. More often than not, on these days fewer people are out and about. Therefore even if a shop has the best shop front specials they will naturally see fewer sales. So do we know if this was the impact of the weather or was it due to the the shopfront?

WiFi in shopping centres can provide a very good estimate of the number of people that have actually walked past a shop on any given day. This can be extremely valuable information. From this, the rate of customers physically coming into the store vs those walking past can be determined. In addition, possibly how effective your shopfront may be at driving people instore.

Read this useful article on rating your store from a customer’s perspective to check that you are seeing your store from a consumer’s point of view.

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Rob Fleischer